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Treating PMDD and PMS Without Birth Control Pills

A lot of times when there are premenstrual complaints and symptoms that are more than “normal”, birth control is offered as a potential solution, especially if the menstrual cycle is irregular.

Birth control can help make the cycle more regular and in turn, affect PMS and PMDD symptoms (both positive and negative ways simultaneously). Even though it can help, most women would prefer a more natural solution or at least a more permanent solution than taking birth control the rest of their lives.

There are herbal remedies that support the feminine cycle, promote regularity, and ease some of those nagging premenstrual symptoms like anxiety, depression, moodiness, bloating, and headaches.

The first step is to understand your own individual situation.

Some woman have mild symptoms that include bloating and headaches while other suffer from PMDD symptoms like severe depression for over a week before her cycle starts.

Not all natural treatments will solve all the same symptoms. So you need to understand which symptoms you have, what is the highest priority to work on, and then support the mind and body depending on those individual needs.

The most common complaints are anxiety, depression, and cramping.

Below are some natural ways to treat these PMDD and PMS symptoms as a means to help you get started.

Getting Rid Of Anxiety Naturally

Natural remedies for anxiety come in quick fixes and not-so-quick fixes. I use a mixture of both.

Supporting your natural hormonal balance will reduce anxiety. You need to learn to relax and know when your moodiness is validated, or just that time of the month. Knowing the difference will help you relax while you are waiting for the long term fixes to kick in.
Long Terms fixes are herbs like Chaste Tree Berry, Wild Yam, Don Qui, DIM, and Maca Root – all which promote the wellness of the menstrual cycle and balancing estrogen. They can take a while to work, (by long term I mean a couple months or so). A quick fix anxiety remedy to use while you are waiting for your body to naturally heal is Rescue Remedy by Bach.

Treating Depression Before It Hits

Depression should be naturally treated before you get in the throes of a breakdown. Once you are in the depression, you are less likely to want to help yourself with natural treatments.

Prepare ahead of time by supporting your hormonal balance and planning ways to combat the depression before it starts. Think of things that make you happy with ease like listening to music, reading a good book, and so on. Make an emergency list to reach for when you start to feel it coming on. Don’t wait till you are stuck in the middle of it before you do anything.

This will help you get through while the herbs are helping your body with the hormonal balancing.

Stopping Period Cramping

Yuck, hate this one too! I mostly reach for an OTC pain reliever like Ibuprofen; however, just not getting the period pain AT ALL is wonderful.

I stopped my cramping by rubbing a good quality wild yam cream over my ovaries from day 10 to 30 in my cycle. Wild Yam cream is known for supporting estrogen functions and getting rid of those PMS complaints while assisting the body in fighting hot flashes, mood swings, hypertension, dry skin, menstrual cramps and other hormonal-related Menopause, Perimenopause and PMS issues.

I tried a wild yam cream at age 17 and later in my 30’s to relieve my cramping, it worked both times.

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