treating pmdd naturall with mind meditation

Treating PMDD & PMS Naturally With Your Mind

We often overlook the natural healing power of our own mind and it is a wonderful tool when naturally treating PMDD, PMS, and other emotional imbalances.  As with any disease, it’s more than just a physical problem in the physical body.  Science proves that the emotions and state of mind play a huge role in any one’s recover from injury, disease, and other fatal catastrophes in the health field.

Most of us don’t believe that we can heal our bodies with our minds.  Or maybe I should say, we have all heard that it is possible and have even read the occasional miracle story about how it has happened.  Yet when it comes down to our own personal ailments, we naturally doubt own ability to heal ourselves naturally.

It doesn’t matter if it’s PreMenstrual Disphoric Disorder, cancer, PMS, hormonal imbalances, etc.; the physical body knows how to heal itself if given the right kind of support.

One way you can support the healing of PMDD is by supporting your emotions and using your mind to heal your body. 

You might say this is a bit crazy because my emotional are out of whack and out of control, I cannot possible get that same mind to heal me.  I totally understand, but here is my story of how I learned to listen to my emotions and found my own healing.

I was depressed and suicidal with emotional problems.  A hormonal imbalance was suspected by both my doctor and my natural homeopath but I didn’t have the money to go in and get an official test to prove anything.

I took natural herbs Chaste Tree and Change-O-Life to help balance my hormones, but I still found myself to be angry.  I still had bits of depression leftover (although the herbs helped in reducing those symptoms).  My attitude seemed negative and I was desperate for a solution because my relationships were on the rocks from all the stress and emotional mood swings I was going through.

I had heard that certain beliefs in our minds can cause unhealthy emotional responses ad those unhealthy emotions in turn can create physical problems in the body like PMDD for example.  It made sense to me because I don’t believe you can separate the mind and spirit from the body, they seem to work together.  Chinese medicine and other natural treatment facilities commonly practice this belief as well.

Knowing this I went into mediation.  At the time I was so stressed that I wasn’t sleeping well at night.  I needed to know why I had so much negative fear and worry.  In the mediation, I moved into the stress with an intention to understand where it was coming from and found that I didn’t trust myself or anything else.  In addition, I wasn’t satisfied with anything in my surroundings.

Realizing that I wasn’t satisfied, I asked myself what I like about not being satisfied with everything in my life.  I asked that question because I must like it for some reason because I keep doing it day in and day out.

 I took the first answer that came up for me which was that if I was satisfied with everything in my life then I would be bored and wouldn’t like life at all!  I felt this answer as true and it resonated with me.

In that moment I realized that the emotional war I could never stop was at least in part related to me never being satisfied in my life for fear of being bored!  

The way I kept from being bored and found enjoyment was by changing things and experiencing different things.  I felt that if I was satisfied then I couldn’t change things and then I would be bored.  So in my meditation I saw that I was deliberately unsatisfied and negative with everything in my life because I first had to make things “wrong” so that there was a reason to change things and make life happy again through that change.

The silly problem was that it was a cycle I can never get out of so I never really felt emotionally balanced.  When I realized that I could just change things simply because I chose too, I stopped making everything wrong in my life and the negative attitude drastically reduced!!  The stress lifted away and I was inspired to be more aware of what was buried in my subconscious.

I felt instantly better and knew that naturally treating PMDD and PMS with the mind was a possibility.

This made me wonder how many people could have silly thought processes deep in their subconscious that keep those physically mood swings rolling in month after month?

Our thoughts play a role in how our life takes shape.  I feel it is worthwhile to discover what is hidden inside the thought processes as part of treating an emotional imbalance and other problems like PMDD and PMS symptoms.

Meditation has been used for inner reflection on one’s thoughts for years and is a great tool to use on any woman’s path to heal her mood swings.

Combining this emotional treatment along with practical herbs and eating practices for the body will heal you PMDD naturally.

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