How To Treat PMDD Symptoms Naturally Without Drugs

There are drugs like Sarafem that are recommended to treat PMDD symptoms but lots of women want to know how they can treat PMDD symptoms naturally without drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs are not every woman’s choice and there are natural options for PMDD and PMS.

Did you know that the average premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) sufferer “loses” between three to seven years of productive days during her menstruating years due to problematic symptoms like depressions and other mood swings?

With that much lost time, it is essential that women find a natural solution that works for them so they can get rid of those pesky PMDD symptoms and get back to enjoying life again.

There is a bunch of research that shows that PMDD and PMS symptoms can be completely relieved by taking medications or supplements that make serotonin more available to the brain.

Serotonin production and availability in the body are influenced by a lot of things including dietary factors and hormones.

So how do you boost serotonin levels to support a good mood and treat PMDD symptoms naturally?

Here are a few tips:

Physical Exercise: Exercise increases the firing rates of serotonin neurons and can decrease anxiety, reduce stress, and improve mood leaving you more able to cope with negative symptoms. Many women commonly report feeling good after exercise. Simply a 20-30 minute walk or light jog will do the trick in releasing the “feel good” endorphins. Remember exercise is about mood improvement as well so pick something you enjoy, not something that you make yourself do because you think you have to or because you subconsciously hate your body.

Vitamin B Complex & Magnesium: The brains needs vitamin B to manufacture those calming neurotransmitters and are widely known to be an anti-stress vitamin. Vitamin B works best when combined with magnesium as a premenstrual natural treatment for PMDD.   Women who took B6 and magnesium together have reported lower levels of anxiety.

5-HTTP: This is an amino acid essential to the production of serotonin and is known as a natural anti-depressant. It can also help with insomnia and binge eating.

Essential Fatty Acids: These are essential in nourishing the brain as well as many other health benefits for the body. There are mixed studies arguing whether or not Essential Fatty Acids alleviate PMDD symptoms but since they are so beneficial to the body in many other ways it is worth a try to see if it might work for you.

Inositol: This can help in the reduction of depression and anxiety and again assists those brain neurotransmitters which affect serotonin levels.

Using one of these or a combination of the above can be experimented with to see what works best for your and your situation. Not every woman has the same severity of PMDD symptoms and therefore not one natural treatment will work the same for every woman.

Listen to your own body and in a healthy experiment to find what works for you best.

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