women learning how to get rid of PMDD naturally

What Is PMDD & PMDD Treatment

PMDD by definition is called premenstrual dysphoric disorder.  It only affects women and PMDD treatment is unclear.

Basically it is a very severe form of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).  It is severe enough to interfere with daily life; relationships like with family or a spouse, and work life including well established careers.

It is severe emotional ups and downs (or mood swings) that makes it really hard for a woman to function normally in relationships.  She may feel depressed one minute with suicidal thoughts that cause her to not genuinely care about her life or surroundings.  She may then suddenly feel laughter, only to be suddenly angry over a small daily occurrence.

Sometimes the anger can be so severe that she may hit herself, her surroundings, or others in the household because it is so intense.  This anger can be accompanied by a feeling of being out of control and overwhelmed.

Tension, anxiety, and stress alternate with fatigue.  It is also common to have sleep problems even when the body is fatigued enough to sleep.

Depression is also a common experience leaving one feeling quite hopeless with a lack of interest in normal activities, even activities that she would normally love to do.  This can cause a loss of appetite as well.

The cause of PMDD is unknown.

Good nutrition, getting adequate rest, exercising to keep the physical body healthy and counseling is common recommendations for PMDD treatment.

Counseling helps a woman process her emotional experiences but many women complain that it doesn’t stop the irrational thoughts that come from the mood swings experienced around the menstrual cycle.

Anti-depressants are commonly used to treat PMDD however many woman complain that it doesn’t cure PMDD.  While anti-depressants can sometimes help with the depression and moodiness, it doesn’t stop the bloating or severe pain associated with the menstrual cycle.

Another PMDD treatment is treating the hormones. Ovulation can be stopped either using medication or surgically (as a last resort). Different medicines used to stop the menstrual cycle are different forms of birth control’s however this causes controversy because a woman needs hormones produced during menstruation, it isn’t natural to stop the menstrual cycle.

The second hormonal approach to treat PMDD is the use of progesterone or estrogen to relieve symptoms. It’s unclear whether this approach is effective and there are both natural and synthetic hormone treatments.

Unbalanced hormones have long been the suspect of cause of PMDD and many women find relief in learning how to naturally balance their hormones.

Many things can cause hormones to become un-balanced like pregnancy, hormones found in meats (particularly beef), pesticides found on produce, as well as other toxins like PBA residues found in drinking water bottles.

If you haven’t been living a life with good organic nutrition then there is a good chance your hormones are being affected by toxins in your water or food.

Eating a clean healthy diet avoiding processed sugars, organics meats, organic fruits and vegetables can be a natural PMDD treatment if consistently done so that it re-balances the hormones in the body.  Here is exactly how I did it >>

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