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Natural Ways To Help Treat PMDD symptoms

PMDD and PMS symptoms can be a horrible experience and the main symptoms most women want to get rid of are the mood swings and depression. There are natural ways to help treat PMDD mood swings and depression however it must be done very carefully since depression and other mood disorders can be life threatening.

This article is simply how I naturally treated my PMDD mood swings and suicidal depression thoughts. It is by no means to replace your doctor’s advice as I am not a physician and cannot give you a guaranteed PMDD cure.

If you ever feel like the depression has taken you over, that your mood swings are destroying your life, or that you might actually commit suicide, you should seek medical attention immediately. Thoughts of suicide are something most of us experience at one point in time in all of our lives, however there is a breaking point and that breaking point should never be played with, not even naturally.

Natural remedies for depression and mood swings can take some time to work because they are not a one-size fits all deal.   You must find the right natural option that works for you personally and also the right dose for you. Many times it takes some experimentation to find out what that dose is for you.

Therefore, since natural treatments require patients and experimentation, it is my thoughts that you should never experiment with natural remedies if you are in an emergency situation.  

That being said, here is what I did to stop the depression, slow the mood swings, and put an end to my suicidal thoughts that appeared about 7 days before my period started:

PMS sucks and PMDD is even worse! I think I can deal with the cramping, but the mood swings were wrecking my relationships and my life. I was making irrational decisions and couldn’t help myself otherwise. I was tired of being out of control and would do just about anything, natural or not, to feel normal again.

I favor natural treatments so I decided to try that route before opting for anti-depressants. I had tried anti-depressants before (not for PMDD reasons) and they made me gain a lot of weight and lose interest in the fun things in my life. I didn’t want to go there again unless absolutely necessary. Turns out it’s not necessary for me at all and hopefully it won’t be necessary for you either.

I first tried flower essences, both Five Flower and Mustard. They helped when I was in the middle of feeling crappy, but they never prevented it from happening and I wanted a more permanent solution.

I took Saint Johns Wart for depression and IT WORKED WELL – BUT WARNING** –  it won’t work unless you get the right pharmaceutical grade of hypericin and dosageclick here for exactly what I used =>

I cleaned my diet up to be mostly organic, high in fruits, fiber, and veggies. I eat lean organic meats. I did everything I could do to avoid processed items, sugar, and other toxic foods.

I exercise 3 times a week religiously.

And the natural remedies I took were B6, magnesium, and GABA. There is a lot of argument as to whether GABA works because it won’t pass the blood brain barrier, but I tried it and It seems to work for me.

I also take a daily multivitamin, meditate, and found more spiritual and positive people to hand around.

I also studied how hormonal imbalances affected the body and tried some natural herbs to balance my hormones including Nature’s Way Change Of Life and Chaste Tree Berry. These herbs also help with menopause symptoms and PMS as well.

Turns out our hormones can go wacky with all the toxic pesticides and artificial hormones we accidentally eat in our diet. If you have ever taken birth control, then your hormones can be out of balance because of that as well. Your hormones control your mood.

There are many natural ways to help PMDD but you must learn to do things to put your body back at a high nutritional level, detox all the toxic residues from your body, clean the colon and take supportive natural supplements to help you get rid of the PMDD symptoms while you are learning how to eat and exercise in a healthy way.

To get the exact ways I cleaned up my diet, exact remedies, plans, and dosages that worked for me go here =>

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