Natural Treatments & Remedies For PMDD Depression

Depression before menstruation, during the time when you have PMS is a common symptom of PMDD and one of the worst.  

The worst part about PMDD depression is that when you feel depressed, you lose all motivation to help yourself and you feel alone.  When I was suffering from PMDD depression, I would destroy some of my favorite things because at the time, I felt like they were of no use to me, so I threw them away.  Of course, after I started my period and the depression left, I regretted it, badly!

Stopping PMDD depression is important because every woman needs every ounce of energy and hope to heal PMDD naturally, the last thing you need it depression working against you.

There are several natural ways to treat PMDD depression, but the one that worked for me was St Johns Wart.  BUT, and this is a BIG BUT – you have to get a good quality supplement with a standardized potency of .3% hypericin or it won’t work very well.

You see, there are many manufacturers that sell St Johns Wart for depression, it’s been around for a long time, clinically studied, and I think everyone on the plant has heard of this herbal remedy for depression.  So don’t you wonder why people STILL have depression and sometime prefer toxic anti-depressants when St John Wort is on the market?

That’s because, like with most herbal remedies, you have to get a good quality grade, the right potency, and the right dosage FOR YOU.

There are many manufacturers selling St John Wart that doesn’t care about potency or caring for how their manufacturing process degrades the final herbal product.  They care about profit more.  When they do this, many times the herbals don’t work well in the human body.

Also, the standard directions on the back of every herbal bottle may not be the right dosage for YOU.   Sometimes taking less or more than the directions says works better.  My doctor had me taking more than what the direction on my label said to take and it worked!

Treating PMDD depression alone as a singled out symptom isn’t going to naturally treat or solve ALL the PMDD symptoms you have.  There are many other PMDD symptoms like anxiety to deal with and there are natural remedies for anxiety too.

Healing PMDD naturally and getting rid of PMDD symptoms altogether takes a more holistic approach by eating more healthier things, taking a COMBINATION of natural supplements tailored to you, supporting the thyroid, reducing stress and managing the adrenals, and more. 

==> Here is exactly how I got rid of my PMDD symptoms for good.

Getting the depression stopped or reduced is a first step, but don’t stop there on your journey to getting rid of PMDD for good.

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