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  • Weight Loss!
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  • Smiling!
  • Little To NO Pain, bloating or cramping during the menstrual cycle.
  • Overall Sense Of Well Being with a Stabilized Emotional Control.

Yes this is possible, but first, let me introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Danna and I was officially diagnosed with PMDD in 2015 but suffered many years with severe PMS symptoms long before that, not realizing what PMDD was or that it was even a real condition.

I was pretty sure that’s what I was suffering from long before I got the official “doctor’s diagnosis” simply because you can’t miss the symptoms.  If you have PMDD, you are going to know it.

I personally don’t go to the doctor for anything unless I feel like I am dying.  True statement.  I am a firm believer in preventative natural medicine and natures treatments so when I feel a little ill, I go down to my local herb shop, not the doctor’s office.

I don’t ever go to the doctor for colds, shots, the flu, or anything like that.  Why?  Because I am really good at getting rid of those things naturally. 

The only time I have been in a doctor’s office was for pregnancy related issues and bone issues, I can’t recall the last time I saw a physician for any illness aside from when I was a kid and my mother made me go.

herbs to treat PMDD


I practice what I preach is what I am saying.  I didn’t write this eBook just “because”.  I wrote it because I suffered PMDD and fought a long battle trying to help myself naturally. 


I failed at many things with wrong natural treatments that didn’t work and I wanted to spare other women from wasting their time and enduring unnecessary disappointment.

If you have PMDD you understand that time is of the essence and it’s a BIG DEAL. 

Suicidal thoughts are no joke and the next set of mood swings is just round the corner, right about the time you just get done cleaning up the emotional mess you created from the last episode.

PMDD made me feel like a stranger in my own skin.  I felt lost, confused, crazy and super depressed to the point that I wanted to throw in the towel on everything in life and give up.

I threw away physical possessions that meant a lot to me but are now long gone due to a desperate mood swing.  I have physically destroyed things, felt rage for the first time in my life, almost committed suicide, cried so often that I felt I couldn’t carry on in life anymore, and said mean things to my family, friends, and loved ones that I wish I could take back every day.  By the time PMDD took its toll on me, I felt like I had lost my mind and truly didn’t know if I could get out.

My hair was falling out, I was gaining weight fast, and felt a sense of hopelessness starting to set in deep in my soul for the first time in my life.

My goal is to spare as many women as I can from enduring that emotional pain any longer than they have to.  I wouldn’t wish PMDD on my worst enemy.

For me, my PMDD took hold after an un-successful pregnancy in my early to mid 30’s.

When I first started suffering from the symptoms, I didn’t make the connection that is was happening at the same time I would get PMS.  I didn’t even have PMS before I got PMDD.  It was like I went from healthy to other extreme PMS in 2.0 nano-seconds (if there is such a thing).

natural depression treatmentIt was my friends and family that noticed it and brought it to my attention.  They watched me go in and out of depression cycles.  These depression cycles were coupled with no motivation, suicidal thoughts, self-hatred, and violent anger towards people and objects I loved.

I can only thank those around me for being brave enough to help me because if they didn’t, I don’t think I would be here today to tell you my story.  No joke.

Once I saw the PMS type pattern, I went on Google, found some articles, read about severe PMS and bought some herbs.  I also consulted a friend of mine who owns a natural food store and an expert on herbal remedies.  I must have bought several dozen different remedies before I felt a real difference.

When one remedy didn’t work, I researched more and moved onto the next digging deeper and deeper into the roots of why my body suddenly manifested this problem and how I could overcome it naturally without toxic drugs or seeing a doctor.

At a couple different points, I gave up on the natural stuff and went to the doctor to get on drugs (anti-depressants), to then suffer the side effects of those drugs and then get back off them to find myself feeling even worse than I did when I started.  So I went back to searching for more natural options.

To make it even harder, I would get in such an emotional funk that I would totally forget I was having PMDD.  Everything seemed so real and so dramatic that I couldn’t remember the PMDD problem until AFTER my period started!  It was like a fog would wear off and I would suddenly wake up.  By then it was too late, I had already wrecked my relationships and destroyed my personal belongings and career to the point that I had to (both physically and emotionally) repair things.

If this sounds like you, trust me, I understand and want to help you!

By the time 2 weeks passed and I felt like things were repaired and the shame of what I had done was subsiding, here came the next episode to waylay me again!

Round and round I went until finally, I feel “normal” again.

natural anxiety treatments


Through trial and error, I did find many different things that worked and I want to share that with you in “Healing PMDD Naturally”.

ONLY $9.99

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Getting rid of PMDD isnt’ a single remedy, its several different changes and remedies that are tailored to you and your unique situation!

Only you have the power to read the tools in “Healing PMDD Naturally” and then apply to your life and you see fit.

You can get to a place in life where you grasp a sense of peace, stability, and control over your life.

I want to share with you what I learned during my trial and error in hopes that you will be able to get the help you need … quicker.

It is my wish that my journey helps you find the same safe, balanced, resting place that I have found.

  • This is NOT A Single Herbal Pill Remedy
  • This is NOT an Instant Miracle Cure
  • This is NOT a Secret Mixture Of Herbs or A Potion To Cure ALL Symptoms.

This IS:

  • Information about what PMDD is and what can cause it to happen on a deeper level so you can get to the root and heal it naturally from there!
  • MANY different natural remedies that work both quick and slow for both short and long term relief from PMDD symptoms!
  • Information to motivate, uplift, and encourage you to become the woman you know you can be!
  • Powerful lifestyle strategies to create long and lasting change for better to create a life FREE of PMDD and full of natural health and energy!

In This Ebook, I will share one of my favorite natural supplements that will helped me quickly reduce ANGER while simultaneously helping my body BURN MORE FAT!

While there are some “quicker-fixes” to help you in an emergency emotional state, the majority of what you will read is a long term approach to permanent and natural healing.

Even if you use natural remedies to cure something, it’s still a cover up for the real root cause of why PMDD exists in your body.

The ultimate goal is to get you HEALED naturally so that you don’t need anything – natural or pharmaceutical to treat PMDD symptoms ever again.

Nature has provided wonderful herbs, flowers, and remedies for use in healing that truly work!  And again, I must stress that natural or not, the goal is HEALING!

I want to see you happy and free!  Smiling and laughing!  And Enjoying Life Again!  You DESERVE to enjoy life!

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