Natural PMDD Treatment options with Home Remedies

When there are several harsh side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs like SSRIs these days, it is no wonder that many women are curious about natural PMDD treatment options regarding home remedies.  Are they safe?  Are they effective?

These are common questions and concerns for most women.  When it comes to PMDD or any other female affliction associated with mood swings, we just want to feel better; to feel more normal so we can thrive while avoiding the mood Swings, depressions, cramps, fatigue, bloating, headaches, frequent crying and the list goes on and on.

Severe PMS is nothing to mess with.  These symptoms can last week’s surrounding menstruation and the most frustrating part is the devastating impact it has on personal relationships, family, and even careers.   If a woman doesn’t feel good, she cannot effectively do her job or care for her family under the pressures and stresses of daily life.

Trying several different natural PMDD treatment options is the best way to test which home remedy is right for your individual situation.

Not every body is identical.  Hormones can be out of balance to different degrees.  Therefore, the solution to the problem will not be a one size fits all deal for every single woman on the planet.

You may need to try several different things and even try them in several different combinations until you get the right dosage that effectively gets rid of the PMDD symptoms you may be experiencing.

Natural remedies are never an overnight cure.  They are more gradual and sometimes take as long as a month to reflect significant results.  The upslope to using natural treatments for PMDD is that they assist your body in returning to its original way of balancing your hormones without toxifying the body.

Pharmaceutical drugs can have a more immediate effect but don’t cure the underlying problem that caused the problem to begin with.

When you take Natural PMDD treatments, they support the body to heal and do what it does naturally, not just cover up the symptoms without solving the underlying problem.

The goal is to get the body to heal and normalize.   Here are some natural PMDD treatment options for you to try:

  • Change your diet to be mainly organic fruits and vegetables with lean organic meats. Especially avoid sugar.  Why sugar?  Sugar causes blood sugar spikes which are directly connected to your mood, even a child’s mood is drastically affected by sugar.  It’s hell on the emotions and should be avoided when you are trying to normalize any problem associated with anxiety, mood swings, depression and the like.
  • Support the healing process of your body with a WHOLE FOOD multi-vitamin.  There is a difference in the quality (hence the healing power) of a regular Wal-Mart vitamin and an organic Whole Food vitamin.
  • Replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate will comfort you in your PMS times while simultaneously nurturing your body with good antioxidants.
  • Get adequate rest and exercise!  Too big things that will improve the mood even if you didn’t have PMS nor PMDD.  Don’t miss out on these two treatment options that can change your life for the better.
  • Try St John Wart for depression because if you are too depressed, you won’t be able to make the lifestyle changes we talked about here – WARNING ** – this works well, but it won’t work unless you get the right dose of hypericin – learn how to get the right dose here >>
  • Try some natural herbs like Chaste Berry (aka Vitex Berry) or Black Cohosh.  Both are the primary herbs used to treat PMDD and PMS symptoms.  They have a long track record for helping these two ailments and are wonderful natural treatment options at home.

Treating PMDD naturally is a process and lifestyle change.  In order to promote your body to heal you must commit to healing by genuinely caring for your body for the long run.  Your PMDD doesn’t’ have to rule your life; you have several natural treatment options to help you get started today.

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