flower essences to treat pmdd naturally

Natural PMDD Treatment for depression with Flower Essences

Depression is one of the hardest parts to overcome and any woman experiencing PMS or PMDD depression symptoms could appreciate a natural PMDD treatment with flower essences. 

When I was depressed I also had suicidal thoughts.  I was self-destructive and felt like life was hopeless.  I would throw away my paints so I couldn’t make any more wall paintings.  I would yell and say mean things to my fiancé’.  I would threaten to leave my relationships never to return.  I wasn’t leaving them to be mean, I was leaving them to spare them from my depression attitude that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard I tried.

I knew my period was coming and I would mentally know that I was in for some extreme symptoms and that my relationships and business would suffer due to my inability to feel good about life in any regard.

Sound like you? 

Depression sucks and the worst part is that when you’re in a depression, you find ways to keep yourself there.  This puts everyone else around you in a fighting position because they don’t want to see you destroy yourself.  They don’t want to see you hurting when life really isn’t that bad, you just can’t see it in the moment.

The people around those who suffer from PMDD depression symptoms are just as lost at times and could also appreciate a natural PMDD treatment for depression. 

Anti- depressants are the most common treatment for depression.  While anti-depressants have proved to be of some use, not everyone wants a chemical or pharmaceutical drug in their bodies.

When I tried anti-depressants, I gained wait and numbed out.  Those around me said I was like a zombie and I was.  I didn’t care about my body, my health, or anything for that matter. I was perfectly content for float through life number and useless to anyone.

girl getting a natural depression treatmentI got tired of having no motivation and tired of watching my numbness prevent me from having genuine emotions and feelings towards people, places, and things.  So I quite them, cold turkey like you are not supposed to do.  But I wanted off them and I wanted my life back, not a numb life.

I began to struggle again with depression and that’s when I ran into a flower essence practitioner.

Flower essences are just that – essences of a flower that helps heal your emotional body.

I took Mustard flower essence for depression and Black Cohosh flower essence for my tendency to self-destruct my own life and successes.

They worked.  The problem was that when I started to feel better I would quite taking them and would go back into depression but I quickly learned to just keep taking them.  At only $15 a bottle, it was a natural treatment for PMDD depression and I was happy. 

I could think clearly on flower essences and I also felt inspired to continue living my life.  I smiled again, and I was able to genuinely hug my finance again.  I didn’t gain weight nor feel the “fog” and nausea I experienced on anti-depressants.

Other flower essences that help PMDD symptoms & PMS symptoms are:

Five Flower Essence:  this is great formula for stress and anxiety from any source.  In extreme anxiety, taking Five Flower Essence every 20 minutes until you feel like you can handle life again is a true life saver!!

Sweet Chestnut:  Great for when you are experiencing a type of midlife crisis.  It helps you get rid of suicidal thoughts and helps you feel like you can deal with life in your darkest hour.

Gorse:  This is great for when you have to go through something you don’t think your emotions can handle.  If gives you the feeling like “everything will be ok”.

The biggest trick with flower essences is dosage.

Seeing a flower essence practitioner will help you get the right dose for your individual needs.  Everyone will not need the same dose.

If you don’t get enough drops, then you won’t get the relief you need.  Many people take flower essences and think they don’t work but really they didn’t take enough drops throughout the day to help them.

Some flowers like Gorse, Sweet Chestnut, and Five Flower are ok no matter how much you take.

However, if you take too much of the wrong essence, like Mustard for example, then it can make the depression worse.  This happens because the flowers are shifting the depression too fast for you to handle.

Flower essences can save your life and give you some much needed immediate relief while you are trying to balance your hormones (another natural PMDD treatment).

If you don’t have a flower essence practitioner in your area, there are many books written online that can be of good use for you.  Experimentation is the best way to find the balance; however, you should do this with your families support.  They will be able to see a difference in your attitude and help you pin down the right dose that will be effective for you.

Remember that mint and caffeine will cancel the effect of flower essences so don’t mix these things together.  Take caffeine and mint at least one hour away from your flower essence doses and you will have a successful and natural PMDD treatment.

Flower essences alone were not enough to permanently cure my PMDD or PMS symptoms, but you will find everything I used to cure my PMDD symptoms here >>

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