balanced hormones creating PMDD symptoms to go away

Natural PMDD and PMS Treatment By Balancing The Hormones

So far we have learned that balancing the female hormones plays a big role in getting severe PMS relief, including PMDD symptom relief. There are several home remedies and other natural herbal treatments that benefit the delicate hormonal balance in the body but every woman is different and it’s hard to know exactly what herbs will work best.

When I first started researching ways to treat PMDD naturally …. (Well let me back up, I started researching ways to relieve severe PMS symptoms, natural remedies for depression, and other natural anxiety remedies before I started researching PMDD). Anyways, when I started looking for ways to treat PMDD symptoms, I learned that anti-depressants and other pharmaceutical drugs were a common treatment plan.

I didn’t want to do pharmaceutical treatments unless I had to so I started desperately looking up natural PMDD treatments to use at home on my own. I did try several herbs that had a long history of improving PMS symptoms like Chaste Berry, Vitex Berry, Don Qui, Black Cohosh and many others. I also found that my PMS symptoms STILL didn’t completely go away with just a couple herbal remedies.

I am one of the those woman that goes so crazy in my premenstrual cycle that I have felt absolute rage, unfounded anger to the point that I almost divorced my husband, depression so bad that I started to struggle with the desire to hurt myself, and anxiety levels that I couldn’t control.

It interfered with my work, my relationships, my fun time, and everything else imaginable.

So long story short, a couple of herbal remedies didn’t exactly solve the entire issue.

I did find some mild relief from home herbal remedies because when I quite taking them, things were much worse. However, when I resumed taking them, I felt better, but still had PMS symptoms that were not historically normal for me and will still hard to live with.

So I dug deeper into understanding hormonal balance.

After talking with a woman in a compounding pharmacy that had a hormonal imbalance herself after going through pregnancy, she shared several new insights with me that I hadn’t considered.

Not only can unbalanced hormones create stress, depression, and anger, it can also make you fat, prevent weight loss, make your hair fall out, and much more.

Yes, you can learn to eat right to balance your hormones and get rid of those stubborn fat deposits too!

In addition, I was focused on balance progesterone and estrogen, however, there are other hormones to consider balancing like Cortisol (aka the stress hormone), DHEA (which is a sex hormone and yes low sex drive is a symptom of unbalanced hormones), as well as Testosterone!

Yes, there are 5 hormones that interact together in the body, all of which must be at healthy balanced levels simultaneously in order for you to get total PMDD symptom relief!


To deepen things, there are 3 types of estrogen that must be balanced which are E1 (Estrone), E2 (Estradiol), and E3 (Estriol).

Knowing all of the above, I decided it was time for a more in depth approach to a natural PMDD treatment and decided to see a hormonal balance specialist to uncover some new treatments to add to what I am currently using to naturally treat my severe PMS symptoms.

Getting some physical blood tests from a qualified natural or homeopathic clinic to understand exactly which hormones are more out of balance for YOU is a good step to understanding exactly which natural treatments will work best for you.

I do know that these clinical tests can be very expensive (mine are costing about $3000) for the first visit and for that reason many woman will not opt to get the tests done.

If that is the case for you, consider using some “overall” natural treatments that help balance ALL of the hormones mentioned above.

The body is a miraculous machine and can balance itself back out, sometimes it just needs a little help from the right nutrients, exercise, and herbals which nature provides.

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