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Natural Anxiety Remedy Through Balancing Hormones With No Pills

Balancing the female hormones isn’t a single pill you can take to fix the problem, it’s a lifestyle change and long term commitment to bringing your body back into a healthy balance, replenishing nutritional deficiencies, and avoiding toxic environmental elements as a way to naturally treat PMDD symptoms and avoid PMS mood swings altogether. Balancing your hormones is also one of the best natural anxiety remedies, out of whack hormones and mood swings create UN-manageable stress in your body and life.

While there are natural herbs and other home anxiety remedies you can take in pill form that can help the body create a better hormone balance, they won’t do you much good if you are constantly “un-doing” any progress those pills are creating by damaging your body with a toxic lifestyle.

You must change the way you eat, change your exercise habits, and lower your stress levels to effectively bring your body hormones back into balance naturally.

This won’t happen overnight either, it’s a LIFETIME commitment to living better, getting better, and loving your body by saying goodbye to habits and food that harm you and hello to habits and food that nourish your health.

If you aren’t ready to truly love yourself and get well through a long term commitment to your health, then your PMDD and PMS symptoms will not naturally subside very quickly if ever. So make the choice now and save yourself a lot of unnecessary troubles.

Hormones play a HUGE role in the health of the body.

Hormones influence PMDD, PMS, stress and anxiety levels, fertility issues, PCOS, ovarian cysts, and other pregnancy issues. Balancing your hormones naturally can quite possible get rid of all those problems in one “swoop”.

The first things to understand is that your thyroid health is directly related to your hormone balance and by many doctors standards and other scientific studies, is the primary cause of hormones that are out of balance.

Nourishing the thyroid will help your hormones balance out in a MAJOR way.

Avoiding fluoride is the main way to heal your thyroid. Did you know that doctors purposefully use fluoride to basically “kill” the thyroid in patients with a very over-active thyroid (hyperthyroidism)? Yah, but if you don’t have hyperthyroidism, the fluoride could be causing hypothyroidism (an under active thyroid) in your and causing a hormone imbalance. Hypothyroidism is directly related to fatigue, mood swings, in-ability to lose weight, cold sensitivity, constipation, depression, hair loss, dry skin, and more.

Avoid fluoride by not drinking tap water or using any products like toothpaste with fluoride. Also, get a shower filter so toxic chemicals like fluoride and chlorine don’t absorb through your skin. Yes this counts and has a big impact on your health!!! Even the smallest quantities hurt your thyroid!

Buy spring water or be sure the reverse osmosis filter water in your store is removing the fluoride because not all filters do.

Other dietary changes to make are:

  • Avoiding all products with soy. Soy has phyto-estrogens that interrupt your natural hormone balance.
  • Use natural cosmetics and deodorants that don’t have aluminum, metals, or leads.
  • Avoid plastics with BPA (biphenol-A). This mimics estrogen in the body similar to soy and can cause hormone imbalances. Get glass or stainless steel wherever possible.
  • Only eat grass fed hormone-free meats (preferable organic) and yes just pay the extra! Many animals are raised and fed synthetic hormones that help them gain weight quickly for profit. You are ingesting these synthetic hormones when you eat the meat. In addition, many experts theorize that the obesity epidemic in America is associated with those synthetic hormones in meats. Think about it…. If that hormone is designed to make a pig or cow gain weight quickly, would it do the same to you in your body??? I wouldn’t risk it. A girl has a hard enough time dealing with anxiety and mood swings from PMS, that last thing she needs is to deal with uncontrollable weight gain.  This alone is a “natural anxiety remedy” in itself.  When you aren’t fighting weight gain, that lowers stress levels altogether.
  • Same with milk, get it from grass-fed hormone-free cows only. In fact, eliminating milk altogether and replacing it with almond milk or flax milk with help your hormones balance even faster.
  • Eat organic, whole foods as much as possible avoid foods in a box or can.

If you are new to changing your lifestyle, eating whole foods, and exercise habits to a healthy one, consider researching for a GOOD QUALITY Whole Food multi-vitamin (yes there are bad ones that your system doesn’t absorb well), research detoxing juicing, get in your omegas, and consider swapping all your cooking oils to cold pressed organic coconut oil.

Also, Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!  It does more good than you think!

Making those changes above will drastically give you a head start in improving your overall health in a big way right now.

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