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Getting Rid Of Anxiety In PMDD and PMS

Any type of anxiety sucks in life but it makes it twice as challenging when it’s anxiety associated with PMS or PMDD. Learning how to get rid of PMDD anxiety can be such a blessing and it helps a women feel more able to cope with premenstrual symptoms in a more balanced way. When a women feels more emotionally balanced and in control then everyone around her benefits including her spouse, children and other close relationships.

Many women are on the hunt for a natural way to treat Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder symptoms and getting rid of the anxiety associated with it tops the list.

Anxiety is greatly increased when the hormones are not balanced within the body. In fact, when anybody’s hormones are out of balance (including males) then it can cause an extreme level of emotional stress and anxiety in the body. Hormones that are out of balance are usually related to neurotransmitters and serotonin levels that are also out of balance, all things that can cause emotion disturbances like fits of anger, rage, crying, and any type of un-manageable stress.

Natural PMDD treatments can take a while to show significant benefits simply because they are never a one size fits all deal. Every woman is different and has different severity of symptoms to deal with on a monthly basis. It takes time to find the right dose and right combinations or herbal remedies and treatments to effectively reduce premenstrual symptoms.

In the meantime, a quick way to find natural relief from PMDD anxiety is with magnesium and flower essences.

Flower essences are a little stress remedy that is often overlooked. It is quiet and small yet very powerful and reliable. Rescue Remedy and Five Flower Remedy have been successfully used for years to significantly reduce anxiety in humans and animals.

Please note that if these flowers are not used correctly, they will have very little effect. Again, since everyone has very different levels of stress, then the dose will vary greatly. It is best to take a couple drops under the tongue every 20 minutes until you feel like you can manage life again.

When used every 20 minutes until symptoms subside, I have seen these two flower essences work wonders in the middle of anxiety attacks and outbreaks of anger and rage.

Magnesium (specifically Natural Calm) also helps me get rid of PMS anxiety. I find it very relaxing, especially when sipping during a hot bath in Epsom salts.

Naturally treating premenstrual symptoms is a process and you must commit to helping yourself get better by doing everything you can to nurture your body and emotions during that time. Stop looking for a one time fix all solution and commit to nurturing your body while making some permanent lifestyle changes to lower your stress levels like dietary changes and exercise.

If you don’t take the time to learn to get rid of your anxiety, then it can ruin your life.

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Many times we thing we are too busy to take that bath, see a doctor, or go by the natural remedies at the health food store, but the bottom line is that if you don’t take that time to get well then the anxiety will rob time from your life anyways.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that things will get better on your own over time without your own intervention. PMDD and PMS are not something you have to live with for eternity because you are women. You have choice and you have the power to take action and do something about it.

Start Today and you will be thankful when your life is easier than it has ever been. Take the time to learn to get rid of your PMDD anxiety and you will heal your life in magical ways.

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