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How To Get Rid Of PMDD Symptoms Naturally Through Understanding Your Inner Self

When PMS (or PMDD) moodiness kicks in about a week before my period, it’s something that I can feel coming on and feel wearing off. As if I was drugged by poisoness thoughts and a vague sense that I am going to have a bad day no matter what. It’s no fun to feel that out of control and there are natural ways to get rid of PMDD symptoms so life feels manageable again.

You can tell when the anxiety and irritability kick in before menstruation. I can always tell that I am headed down hill not only because of how I feel but because of my thoughts. If you haven’t ever paid attention to your thoughts when the anxiety kicks in, start to pay attention. If you are anything like me, you will notice that every month they are the same. Things like “I hate life” and “I just want to die” are repetitive thought patterns for most women, especially if you are suffering from depression.

Why would you want to track thought patterns the week before your period? The reason you want to pay attention to what your thinking is so that you can understand your “ PMDD cues” and recognize how irrational those thoughts are. Once you notice how irrational they are, you are less like to make major life decisions or yell at your husband when you know you aren’t feeling well mentally. Similar to having the flu, you wouldn’t go to work or go buy a house when you are temporarily ill would you? No! Same is true for “sick” or negative emotions like depression associated with PMDD. If you are not feeling well emotionally, then a natural and healthy way to deal with that problem is to know what mental state you are in and not make any major life decisions while gently tending to how you feel.

Just like you would go to bed or take natural herbs to help get rid of a cold, you can learn how to use different natural options to help get rid of your PMS and PMDD symptoms.

One of the biggest things I have learned through suffering from negative emotions is that you must learn and take the time out of your day to care for yourself just as you would when you have the flu. PMDD is a physical problem and hormonal imbalances can make you feel so awful that it’s not something to joke about or right off because it’s a normal occurrence for women.

We as women have a tendency to truly ignore our bitchy moods every month because we decide that it’s normal and that we must just live with it because we have periods. That’s not true! There are natural ways to get rid of PMDD symptoms. It’s just a matter of taking the time out of your busy do to do something about it.

The very first step is granting you permission to care for yourself every month. Your physical body requires maintenance and love to be healthy, caring for yourself the week before menstruation is part of a women’s physical needs. If you devalue the importance of those physical and emotional needs, then you are setting yourself up to have a miserable experience.   Think about it, if you had the flu and decided to go to work and physically exhaust yourself, what would have been the overnight flu bug turns into a 4 day marathon simply because you CHOSE to neglect your own needs.

The best natural way to get rid of your PMDD symptoms is to care for yourself so well and so deeply that you will not give up on yourself until you find the solutions that work best for you, your body and your life.

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