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Best Natural Remedies For PMDD

PMDD symptoms are nothing fun to endure, especially the anxiety and mood swings. Most of us women can take some Tylenol or something similar for the pain and cramps, but the mood swings aren’t as easily cured.

Not only do the mood swings make the women feel uncomfortable and miserable, it also stresses out the entire family as well. Friends seem to know to stay away from you during the pre-menstruation time which even deepens the sense of depression, hopelessness, and loss.

Anti-Depressants are the most common PMDD treatment and while they are successful for some women, not every woman wants to take pharmaceutical drugs. A more natural approach to heal the body sounds more desirable to some women.

In addition, taking the natural PMDD treatment route doesn’t have the same negative side effects that anti-depressants do.

So what are the best natural remedies for PMDD?

There are a few and you will have to try some, all, or a specific combination to figure out what works best for you.

PMDD is caused by the hormonal changes that happen prior to menstruation. It’s a severe form of PMS. So balancing the hormones during that time can have a positive effect in reducing the symptoms.

NOTE** Balancing hormones is complicated and the way I completely healed my PMDD was a holistic approach and not a single herb or cream listed below.  The below remedies will help, but need to be used with caution and tailored to you and your situation.

Remedies that balance the female hormones include:

Wild Yam Cream: Get a good kind, pharmaceutical grade and use it as directed. Most creams are applied between day 14 and 27 of your period.   The natural progesterone in these creams has some people loudly testifying that it has helped their anxiety, mood swings, depression, menopause symptoms, hair loss, and many other PMS complaints associated with a hormonal imbalance.

Chaste Tree Berry AKA Vitex Berry: Another Herbal remedy known for balancing female hormones. It has been widely used for PMS symptoms for years. Many say it works wonderfully.

Other Natural Remedies for PMDD include homeopathic and nutritional supplements.

It is best to visit in homeopathic doctor who specializes in remedies because each women is different the strength of each remedy should be tailored to her situation. There are many pre made homeopathic blends at your local health food store, consulting their experienced personal for advice regarding a blend that specifically targets PMS or PMDD symptoms may be an alternative if you can’t afford to see a practitioner.

Nutritional supplements to support the body to heal are also beneficial. I found that magnesium combined with B6 did help but didn’t take away all the moodiness and depression; however, it did shorten the duration of the premenstrual symptoms I had. Two days of depression was fare better those 2 weeks!

Getting proper calcium intake is another nutritional supplement that can help. Be sure you are getting a GOOD source of calcium that is easily digestible and well absorbed by the body (you would be surprised how many aren’t absorbed). Natural Calm brand has both magnesium and calcium in it, all you would need to add at that point is a good source of B6.

Be open minded to playing with different natural remedies to find the best remedy that works for your situation.

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