healthy food to treat pmdd naturally

Alleviate PMDD Symptoms Naturally by Avoiding Certain Toxic Foods

Whether you know it or not, what we choose to eat has a profound effect on the health of our bodies and can drastically affect PMDD symptoms.  If you really want to naturally alleviate PMDD then you cannot overlook what you are putting in your body on a day to day basis.

It is no hidden secret that many of the residues in foods interact with the female hormones like estrogen.  Just to name a few, growth hormones and steroids given to cows and toxic pesticides found on non-organic fruits and vegetables are proven to negatively affect the hormone balance in a human’s body.

What You Eat May Inhibit Your Ability To Get Rid Of PMDD & PMS Symptoms

Some people even speculate that the reason women are experiencing early puberty younger than they ever have in history is largely due to all the hormones, synthetic steroids and other chemical byproducts found in our food.

Growth hormones are used in cows to force higher milk production (rbGH).  Other synthetic estrogens are used to cause weight gain in a short amount of time which reduces the waiting time to sell.  You see, meat is sold by the pound so the more they weigh in the shortest amount of time means better profit margins for corporations.

There is much controversy surround the use of these hormones and steroids in food and little hard evidence to indicate exactly how these hormones are passed from the cattle, into the meat and milk and then into the human body and furthermore to what affect they truly have on us in the end.

To deepen the scenario, pesticides and herbicides found on produce are known endocrine disruptors and recent studies show they can have a damaging effect on reproductive health.  We know that hormones are directly related to reproductive health as well, it’s all interconnected.

Alleviating PMDD naturally means avoiding toxic elements that can potentially make your symptoms worse.

One thing we do all know is when there is a hormonal imbalance in your body; there is no point in furthering that imbalance by adding un-natural or synthetic hormonal residues into the mix when you wish to alleviate PMDD naturally fast.

The body is an amazing machine and has been proven to heal miraculously from life threatening diseases naturally when given the right support and nutrition.  Too many toxins in the body overload its ability to fight off offenders and heal in any timely manner.

Simply choosing not to consume any of these toxic elements will allow your body to detox and find a more normal and natural hormonal balance.  When the hormones are balanced you can experience relief from pesky PMS, PMDD, and other hormone related symptoms.

Eating organic fruits and vegetables as well as organic raised beef and sheep products will drastically reduce your exposure to toxic elements that can have a negative impact on testosterone and estrogen levels in the body.

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